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10 Amazing clothing hacks for Women to save Time & Money |GABRUU

By Kirti Pathak . 15th September 2019 06:00pm
10 Amazing clothing hacks for Women to save Time & Money |GABRUU

 Everyone faces problems when their favourite jeans resist to go up or the comfy sweater has all the fuzz and lint on it, or when your makeup spoils your go-to dress. To overcome such issues, we have got some tips which will prove to be a saviour for you.

1. If you happen to face a struggle with the zipper of your pants, just rub a piece of soap on the track and it will start working smoothly.

2. If you are struggling with weight, like you put on weight or lose some quickly then make an extender in the jeans in just 5 minutes.

3. To remove the stains of makeup from your dress, you can use shaving cream.


4. If you need a bag for your clothes to hang then just use an old pillowcase and cut it from one side to put a hanger through it.

5. To remove fuzz and lint from your woollen clothes, pumice is one great way to do it.

6. You definitely don’t want your favourite sneakers to smell and to avoid this from happening, put a sanitary napkin inside your shoes and it will soak all the sweat keeping your feet fresh.


7. At times we buy shoes according to our choices or some occasions, which are useless for daily use. In such a case, apply a new fabric of your choice to the outside of the shoes which will be wearable for daily routine.

8. To remove a spot of paint from clothes, dip your clothes in alcohol and rub the stain with a toothbrush. After this, wash it in a normal way in the machine.


9. If you have a pair of jeans which are too loose from the waist, then all you need to do is, sew a piece of elastic in the back which won’t be visible and also give you perfect sized jeans.

10. Last but not least, this hack is one of the best ones. When you are running short of time and you want to save your time in every possible thing, and then skip the ironing by putting some cubes of ice in the dryer while washing clothes.

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