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10 interesting facts about ISRO we bet you don't know!

By Geetika Raleh . 12th September 2019 09:00am
10 interesting facts about ISRO we bet you don't know!

Indian Space Research Organisation was formed in 1969 and its sole mission was to develop and strap up the space technology in the national development. At the same time, t also tries to pursue the oration of the planets and space.

ISRO, the first space agency of the Government of India, has got an impressive award of being the only space organization to send a Mars orbiter in its debut attempt.

After its success, India became the fourth country in the world to reach the Martian orbit.

ISRO has several hidden secrets. So here we have enlisted 10 interesting facts about the organization we bet you didn’t know.

1. All the equipment of ISRO has three horizontal lines which are similar to the ones seen on the forehead of Lord Shiva. These lines are made of Vibhuti and Kumkum.

2. Prior to the launch of every satellite, the scientists visit the Sri Kshetra Dharmashala and pray to Lord Manjunathaswamy. The miniature model of the satellite is also prayed.

3. In 1981, the Apple Satellite of ISRO was carried on a bullock cart for an antenna-range test. This was done because bullock carts are made of wood, and the trucks are constructed of metal, which would act as an obstacle for the signals.

4. In 2013, ISRO sent the Mars orbiter to the planet, making India the only country to do it in its debut attempt. Even the budget for this mission was lower than a rick-ride. PM Narendra Modi made a statement and said A one-km auto rickshaw ride in Ahmedabad takes Rs 10 and India reached Mars at Rs 7 per km which is really amazing.

5. India’s first lunar mission- Chandrayaan was launched in 2008. This made India the fourth country to host its flag on the moon.

6. India’s Orbiter Mission cost $74 Million, which was very cheap when compared to NASA’s ‘Mars Mission Maven’ the total cost of which was $671 Million.

7. Antrix was ISRO’s commercial arm which promoted ISRO’s products, services, and technologies. This earned a profit of Rs 18 Billion in 2014-2015. The organization was honoured with ‘Miniratna’ by the GOI in 2008.

8. Eight years after Pakistan’s SUPARCO, ISRO was launched. However, first satellite will be launched by SUPARCO will only be after 2040, and ISRO, on the other hand, is expected to reach Venus and Mars by that time.

9. ISRO launched an application named ‘Bhuvan’. Through this application, the users can view a 2D/3D representation of Earth’s surface.

10. In February 2017, ISRO made a historical record of launching 104 satellites in a single mission with the help of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). Out of these 104 satellite, 96 belonged to the United States.

ISRO has never failed to make the nation proud, be it sending Mangalyan to space or launching satellites which set records. The space organization does not cost a lot for its functioning when compared to the space organizations of other countries. The cost-saving way of ISRO is what the entire world talks about often, and why not!