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By Geetika Raleh . 9th July 2019 06:00pm

Do you know what is the most mysterious but exciting experience in one’s life? It is DREAMING! Dreams are the only thing that everybody wants to know more about. During the 3100 BC, dreams played an important role it was the time when Mesopotamian civilization was born. Majority of the decisions of this civilization were based on dreams.

During the Roman Era, some of the dreams were even given to the Roman Estate for the analysis and their interpretation. During this era, dreams were thought to be messages from Gods. The people who interpreted dreams also went on wars and battles with the leaders.

Till date, many people seek answers to their different and gaudy dreams, though the majority of the facts regarding dreams have been solved and are today based on psychology.

And here listed below are 15 interesting and unique facts about dreams that you might not know!

We forget 90% dreams

Within 5 minutes of waking up, you forget half of the dreams, within 10 minutes 90% of it is lost.

Blind people also dream

People who become blind due to some accident after birth see images in their dreams. But the people who are born blind do not see any pictures of visuals in their dreams. They dream based on their other senses, smell, touch, and emotion.

Everyone dreams

All the people living on this planet dream about something or the other. In case you think you don’t dream, you just forget your dreams too quickly for you to remember them. Only in certain psychological cases, a person might not dream.

In dreams, we see faces we already know

Our mind does not create faces, but we see real people whom we have seen during our lifetime, but may not remember or know. We see hundreds and thousands of faces in our entire lives, so we have an innumerable face which our brain utilizes while dreaming.

Not all have colored dreams

Approximately 12% people who can see, dream in black and white. The others have colored dreams. Various studies dating back to 1915 to 1950s have shown that the majority of the dreams were in black and white. But this concept changed in the 60s. Today, only 4.4% of the people under the age of 25 years dream in black and white. Recent researches have shown that the switch from black and white dreams to colored dreams is because of the TV turning from black and white to colored.

Dreams are symbolic

If you dream about something in particular, it very often means that the dream is not about that subject. Dreams talk to the people in a very deep and a symbolic manner. So whatever symbol the person dreams, it is very unlikely to mean the same or something same.

Emotions are depicted in dreams

The most common emotion which the people experience in their dream is that of anxiety. People often experience dreams with negative emotions than positive ones.

Number of dreams in one night

On average, the person has about four to seven dreams in one night and can dream from one to two hours every night.

Animals also dream

Various studies have been conducted on animals and these studies have proven that the brain waves of the animals during sleep are the same as that of humans. For instance, if you see a dog its paws move like they are running. They also make sounds while sleeping, as if chasing something.

Body paralysis

During REM sleep, the body is paralyzed by a device in the brain which prevents the movements that occur in the dream. This is caused when the body is physically shifted. But it can also happen when the mechanism is triggered, and the mechanism can be triggered before, during or after sleep, while the brain is still awake.

Incorporating the dream

When our senses are attacked by something external, then our mind interprets that stimuli and adds it in our dream. This means that when we hear a voice from our reality, our brain incorporates it in our dreams. For instance, one might dream of being at a concert, while his friend is playing guitar during he is asleep.

Different style of dreaming

Men often dream about other men. Approximately 70% of the characters in a man’s dreams are other men. On the other hand, a woman dreams about an equal number of men and women. Other than this, men often have more aggressive emotions in their dreams than females.

Precognitive dreams

Various results from the studies conducted have shown that a large population ranging from 18% to 38%, people have experienced at least one precognitive dream. 70% have experienced déjà vu.

One cannot dream when he snores

This is a fact which has been all over the internet. They say that if one snores during sleep, one does not dream. Hmmm? Is it really true? Don’t really know!

One can experience orgasm

People not only have pleasurable sex in their dreams as in real life, but also experience orgasm as strong as a real one but without any wet results. The sensations felt during lucid dreaming like touch, pleasure can be very pleasurable and strong.

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