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18 Years of 9/11 attacks; New Yorkers commemorates with a ceremony

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 11th September 2019 04:00pm
18 Years of 9/11 attacks; New Yorkers commemorates with a ceremony

The 'September 11' attacks or we know as the '9/11' attacks were a series of terrorist attacks done by Al-Qaeda (a terrorist group) against America on the morning of September 11, 2001. Two passenger planes crashed into the North and South towers of World Trade Center in Manhattan area and the impact was so intense that within 2 hours of the attack, both the towers collapsed. 

september 11 attacks

Almost 3000 people were killed and over 6000 injured due to these attacks. Other than this, property and infrastructure worth over 10 billion USD was damaged. 

In 2001, four-passenger planes were hijacked by a group of 19 terrorists who belonged to Al-Qaeda, two planes hit the twin towers (World Trade Center) in New York, the third one hit Pentagon building with a little damage. The fourth one was targeted for Capitol Hill in Washington DC but crashed into an open field in Pennsylvania.

This attack was the first of its kind which the USA had ever experienced by an outside force. Before these attacks, Japan attacked Pearl Harbour in Hawaii Islands during the revolutionary war of the 18th century in 1941. 


Today marks the 18th anniversary of the 'September 11' attacks in America and still, the image of those two passenger airplanes crashing onto the World Trade Center towers remains unchanged in the minds of people.

9/11 memorial and museum

The memorial and museum in New York will recall and respect with a ceremony honoring the people who were killed at the World Trade Center along with those at other places, Pentagon and passengers aboard Flight 93.

9/11 memorial and museuum

To commemorate the 18th anniversary, The 9/11 Memorial and Museum have shared the hashtag #Honor911 on social media. 

The ceremony will take place in the morning time at 8:25 am EST (Around 5:55 pm IST).
You can watch the ceremony live on CBSN New York channel at

9/11 memorial and museum

The names of the people who were killed will be read aloud during this ceremony. Some families of the victims have also shared their own messages to remember their loved ones.

9/11 memorial and museum


Since the 9/11 attacks, the USA and the world have learned a lesson that terrorism is backed by religious fundamentalism in order to acquire political powers. 

The money is also involved and in this case of 9/11 attacks money transaction was done via international agencies and sent to the terrorists who then hijacked the planes.

money laundering

Since then, the agencies have become more alert and money laundering laws have been made more strict in the majority of the countries.


The USA is busy in totally destroying the terror group and infrastructure which has its base in Middle East countries and Afghanistan. India is also fighting against terrorism based in Pakistan.


From the September 11 attacks, the entire world has learned a lesson and they are busy in upgrading their securities to fight against terrorism. This has been done because the world doesn't need a loophole which will make the terrorists succeed in destroying humanity.