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By Aakash Arora . 2nd March 2018 11:30pm

There have been many rumors of the tiff between Sourav Ganguly and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. These two ex-captains never said something against each other on records. Recently, Sourav Ganguly shared some instances with and about Dhoni in his autobiography  “A Century Is Not Enough”. "I had over the years constantly looked out for players who remain steady under pressure and possess the capability to change the course of the match. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who came to my notice in 2004, was a natural progression of this thought. I was impressed with MS Dhoni from day one," Ganguly wrote in his autobiography. "I wish I'd Dhoni in my 2003 World Cup team. I was told that when we were playing the 2003 World Cup final he was still a ticket collector with Indian railways.Unbelievable!.Today I am happy that my assessment was proven right. It is amazing how he broke through the ranks to become what he is today,"  added the former India skipper. Dada also recalled the incident of his last test match in which Dhoni gave him the honor to the captaincy again for the last time. India won that match by 172 runs which happened at Nagpur against Australia. “As the match came to a close, Mahendra Singh Dhoni in a surprise gesture asked me to lead. I had rejected his offer earlier in the day, but could not refuse a second time,” he writes in his book. “Ironically, my captaincy career had begun exactly eight years ago on this very day. I handled the bowling changes and field placements while the last Australian wicket batted,” he said. “But I must admit, at that stage, I found it difficult to focus. So after three overs I handed it back to Dhoni saying, it is your job, MS. We both smiled.” Ganguly recalled how he came across Dhoni while playing the Challenger Trophy. Ganguly was impressed with his big hitting in the net and promoted him to the top of the order. Dhoni scored a hundred hitting Ashish Nehra out of Wankhede Stadium on one occasion. He was selected in the Indian team soon and made his debut in December 2004.