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By Siddharth Singh . 4th January 2018 10:30pm

Common cold is pretty much around every corner as extreme winter has struck in the end of 2017. It can be countered easily, as they say precaution is always better than cure therefore enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, a mug of lemon tea with a teaspoon of honey is pretty much everything that can help you keep the cold at its bay, suggests some of the experts.

  1. Cold weather can disturb the levels of sugary and stodgy food consumption, but at any cost, it is too be balanced either by seasonal fruits or green vegetables in the diet. Most important of all is to include jaggery (gudd) in your daily meal, it will provide you the necessary immunity to fight your daily health issues during winter.
  2. Vitamin D ingestion is extremely important to feel energized in winter. Soaking in the sun for half an hour daily is the simplest solution, and who cannot even find time for this much must go for natural food products which include Vitamin D.
  3. Regular exercise is one of the essential practice to beat the winter chills. Not only you'll remain active throughout the day but will automatically keep a constant check on your weight gain in winters.
  4. Try and wear multiple layers of clothes rather than going for heavy single blazer or jacket. Synthetic fabrics and wool are the best example of insulators. You need to take special care of those parts of the body which are in direct contact with chills, such as areas like hands, feet, head and neck.
  5. Excess of everything is bad but some spices are a must during winters that too in your daily diet. Spices not only make a person feel warm but also provide the necessary strength to the immune system to fight against bacteria. Go for different options like cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, cloves, cardamom, bay leaf and turmeric in teas, soups and hot chocolate.
news credits: ians