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5 Famous Mouth-Watering Street Food Items You Must Have

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 10th November 2019 04:02pm
5 Famous Mouth-Watering Street Food Items You Must Have

Street Food is a ready-to-eat food item sold by a hawker who sells the same in a street or a public place. Foodie Lovers are crazy about mouthwatering food items and they can run for a bite at any time.

There are several foods available to eat in the streets of India and we love to hog them all since we, Indians, love our food. Take a look at the 5 of the famous street food items one can eat in India and we bet you will get the best mouth-watering experience and go "Slurp"


Vada Pav got its origin in Maharashtra, especially Mumbai. In this, a Pav (a piece of bread) is cut from the center, then green mint chutney and red pepper powder are applied to it along with a deep-fried potato patty (called as Vada). The originality can only be found in Maharashtra state for the Vada Pav as many other states have tried to duplicate it but don't come any closer. 

Various stalls are set up in Mumbai, the famous one being near Mithi Bai College in Juhu. Just explore and get yourself a mesmerizing feeling with the taste


This is another mouth-watering dish that is called by many names all over India as Paani Puri, Gol Gappa or Puchka.  Paani Puri originated first in Delhi and then spread across the country and people and vendors made different recipes to make it more interesting and tastier. 

It is a hollow puri (Sooji or Aata) which is filled with flavored water (mix of Jal jeera, lemon, and salt) and mixed with small chunks of potato and chickpeas. While writing this even I got my mouth filled with water, I hope you will also get the same experience.


Both of the dishes are similar but the difference is only the addition of curd in Aaloo Tikki Chaat. Here, mashed potatoes are mixed with green chutney topped with SEV (fried snacks) for extra crunchiness and unique taste. Curd is also added with Imli Chutney to add a tangy taste to the dish. 

Aaloo Tikki Chaat is available mostly in Northern parts of India, whereas Ragda Patties got its origin in Mumbai. 


You already love eating Samosas, Right? So, one can experience Samosa Chaat at any place across India as this is one of the favorite street food of all time. In this, the samosa is crushed or flattened and then topped with curd, Imli and Green chutney along with boiled chickpeas. This is also sometimes known as Chana Samosa in northern regions.


Dahi Puri is one snack or street food which you can experience for the tanginess, sweet and sour mix of spices added with curd. This recipe is also called Dahi Batata Puri or Dahi Vada in northern parts of India and boiled potatoes also form as an addition to make it equally delicious.