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By Nirbhai Maan . 10th April 2018 12:30pm

Where every sector be it agriculture, banking, education and many more have been influenced by technology, motherhood is the upcoming arena where Engineers have been working to make the lives of new moms even better.

So, here are the Apps which every new mother should use. Just like mothers have answers to trickiest of questions, these apps will have answers to their queries:

Total Baby

Available on both ios and Android For all the first-time mothers, this app can help you keep track of every aspect of your newborn’s care, including feedings, required hours of sleep, bath times, immunisations, doctor visits and more. It works as a four-way process. First, it records all aspects of your child’s care through smart interfacing. Second, it offers features like a built-in summary, timeline and 15 interactive charts to know your child’s daily routine and schedule. The third step involves automatic back-up of data to the cloud and syncs between your devices. Lastly, it invites and connects other family members to ‘track’ and know your child’s activities.


Available on both ios and Android Imagine you’re busy with your baby and can’t get out of home to buy diapers, stroller and what not. There’s this app called Firstcry which is a shopping platform where you can buy things for yourself and your baby. There’s a community on Firstcry where women can ask shopping related questions to other moms and discuss what other moms are buying for their babies. Sprout Pregnancy Available on both ios and Android This is an award winning app where mothers can track the growth of their baby on daily and weekly basis by showing the visuals of how the baby looks like. Here, expecting families all over the world can track the weight of the mother, kick counter and baby movements. It keeps you educated about you and your baby so that you can take necessary steps for the good health of both of you. Momspresso Available on Android This is India’s largest blogging platform where moms can interact in 7 Indian languages. Also, moms share their parenting experience, advise other moms and solve the issues being faced by other moms. Even some mothers can view upcoming workshops and events in the city for their children. Wonder Weeks Available on ios and Android This app is based on over 35 years of research and describes every sort of mental, developmental and physical milestone that your baby will go through in the first couple of months, backing it up with daily reminders and easy language.