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5 Homemade Makeup Removers to Save your Money and also give you a Radiant Skin |Gabruu

By Kirti Pathak . 2nd September 2019 08:00am
5 Homemade Makeup Removers to Save your Money and also give you a Radiant Skin |Gabruu

Every girl has a bit of struggle to remove that makeup layer and especially when its waterproof makeup. While spending on those expensive makeup products you dint want to spend more on the makeup removal products too. So we have got the best natural and homemade makeup removers for you where you can get all the ingredients at home.

1. DIY Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is very good for breaking up the water resistance products you use in your makeup while keeping the skin hydrated. After using this makeup removers wash your face nicely with a good face wash or soap for thorough cleansing.

Skin type: It can be used for dull, dehydrated, dry and combination skin.


How to remove makeup with coconut oil

1. Take a small amount of coconut oil and melt it by rubbing between your palms if it’s solid.

2. Spread the oil all over your face including eyelids and lashes.

3. with a wet wipe off the excess of the oil from the face.

4. Wash your face with a good cleanses with lukewarm water and your face is all clean and hydrated.


2. DIY Baby Shampoo Eye Makeup Remover

If it’s important for you to apply waterproof mascara even when you know how irritating it is to get rid of it, then the best remover for this is no tears baby shampoo mixed with three gentle ingredients.


Skin type: All skin types


·         A small bottle

·         Olive oil or coconut oil

·         No-tears baby shampoo

·         Water


How to make it?

1. In a clean container add half tablespoon baby shampoo.

2. Add to it one-fourth tablespoon of olive oil.

3. Add water to this mixture and shake it well

4. Dip a cotton pad into it and then remove all of your makeup and the eye makeup too with ease.


3. DIY Witch Hazel Makeup Remover

To get rid of oil and water-based makeup, hazel which is free from irritating chemicals works the best. Hazel also helps in decreasing the buildup pores which makes it an ideal makeup remover.

Skin type: Dry, Oily and sensitive skin


·         Purified water

·         A small bottle

·         Sweet almond oil

·         Witch hazel

·         Extra virgin olive oil


1. Pour four tablespoons of witch hazel and two tablespoons of sweet almond oil into your bottle.

2. Add virgin oil about two tablespoons and mix it well.

3. Then add 4 tablespoons purified water, and then shake well all the ingredients.

4. Wipe the cotton pad dipped in this mixture all over your face to remove the makeup.


4. DIY Aloe and Olive Oil Makeup Remover

If you want to make your cleansing routine better, then add some aloe Vera water to your suitable makeup remover oil.

This mixture is Suitable for all skin types 


·         A bottle

·         Aloe Vera water

·         Extra virgin olive oil


How to prepare it?

1. Take a bottle and fill it with aloe Vera water.

2. Add extra virgin oil in that water about two-third cups.

3. Shake the mixture well and dip a cotton pad in it.

4. Clean your face with that cotton pad nicely.


5. DIY Jojoba and Rose Makeup Remover

One of the best natural makeup removers is Jojoba Oil. The oil not moisturizes but also nourishes your skin giving it the smoothness, freshness, and radiance you always wish for.

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types. 


·         Glass bottle

·         Rosewater

·         Jojoba oil


1. Fill rose water in an empty bottle.

2. Add jojoba oil to the bottle about half a cup.

3. Shake it well and dip a cotton pad in the solution and remove your makeup with all the ease.

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