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By Ritika Nath . 10th June 2018 07:30pm

Over the past years, YouTube has become a popular medium of earning by entertaining. It has a wide reach which allows millions of people watching, liking, sharing and commenting on videos. Famous YouTubers like Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Logan Paul and many more have billions of people watching their videos from all over the world. Many Indian YouTubers have also joined the limelight, while others are climbing up the ladder. So here is the list of the YouTubers who are on their way to becoming the most popular vloggers of India.

1. Nisha Madhulika

[caption id="attachment_38304" align="alignnone" width="594"]nisha madhulika Source[/caption] This 59-year-old chef has more than 4.3 subscribers on her YouTube channel with over 242 million views. She is famous for the vegetarian India recipes she uploads, getting over 18 million views every month. She has added more than 100 recipes and was awarded 'India’s Top 10 YouTube Superstars' in 2016. She has also been featured in interviews in Lok Sabha TV. She is also a contributor to ‘Project Dhruv’ which is an initiative by Tata Trusts India to expand the internet reach to the villages of the country. Moreover, she was also featured in ‘Women of Pure Wonder’ coffee table book by Vodafone in 2016.

2. Sanam Puri

[caption id="attachment_38306" align="alignnone" width="759"]sanam Source[/caption] Sanam Puri has become one of the fastest growing YouTuber with his band ‘Sanam’. The band was formed in 2013 and currently has more than 4 million subscribers and over 759.2 million views. The band is also the One Direction of India due to their boyish charms. Sanam is counted in India’s Top 1o Independent YouTube channels. It has also been awarded India’s Biggest Music Artist on Digital Platform. The band is famous for their covers of Golden Era Bollywood Songs.

3. Shirley Setia

[caption id="attachment_38308" align="alignnone" width="960"]shirley setia Source[/caption] A Graduate from the University of Auckland, this 22-year-old is the rising star of YouTube. with a cute smile and amazing singing skills, Shirley has gained more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube. when she won a contest conducted by T-series in which she had uploaded her singing video in her bedroom, she got a push to perceive her passion. Rob Cain, from Forbes, has written a feature on Shirley’s future goals, stating that "Bollywood's Next Big Singing Sensation Just Might Be This Tiny Kiwi".

4. GeekyRanjit

[caption id="attachment_38305" align="alignnone" width="1280"]geekyranjit Source[/caption] This channel is the first English Tech channel in India to have more than 1 million subscribers with 1.7 million active subscribers. The channel has over 350 million views. Geeky Ranjit makes videos about unboxing and reviewing the latest gadgets. He also uploads videos in which he compares them.

5. Shruti Arjun Anand

[caption id="attachment_38307" align="alignnone" width="980"]Shruti arjun anand Source[/caption] With over 1.4 million subscribers, Shruti Arjun Anand is famous for her outspoken nature. She makes videos on Fashion, Beauty, Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup, Cosmetics, Reviews, Hair Style, Fitness, Lifestyle, Henna & Hauls. She also makes short comedy videos. Her outspoken reviews and female-centric vlogs have led to the channel getting more than 242 million views. So next time you feel bored of watching the same videos, try these channels out too! For more interesting articles, keep on reading Gabruu.com!