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By Now Test . 24th March 2018 08:30pm

Summer is Here! It's the season in which everybody wishes to look their best and also keep off the heat. With the heat, humidity and everything summery, you would want to look fresh yet be comfortable. Summer is not only about wearing colorful outfits. Even neutral colors can give you the comfort you need during the season. Adding the fact that neutrals make you look a lot more fashionable you can upgrade your wardrobe for cooler summer outfits. This summer you can look more fashionable than ever with these outfits inspired by Pollywood celebrities.

  • Sargun's Rompers!

[caption id="attachment_32083" align="alignnone" width="960"] Sargun Mehta[/caption] Doesn't that above photo make you want to dress exactly like that? Well, the good news is...You Can. All you need to do is buy a denim romper and pair it with a plain white Tee. You can even play with the color of your tee. (Quick Tip: If you don't find a romper, buy a denim jumpsuit take it to your tailor and cut it off to the length you desire.)
  • Sonam's Prints!

[caption id="attachment_32272" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Sonam Bajwa[/caption] If you really want to make your summer wardrobe cool, you've got to own a printed skirt. Especially go for skirts with large and colorful prints on them. Just as Sonam's in the above picture. Pair your skirt with cool Tees or off-shoulder tops and you will be good to go.
  • Sara's Flares!

Flared pants are something that you can rock any season. Opt cotton and colorful flare pants for Summer and they will make you look the coolest. You can even go for a lighter material of denim. (Fun fact: Flared pants make you look taller.)
  • Oshin's Denim

While many people don't like wearing denim during Summer, their bright blue color is the perfect tone for the season. Pair your denim jeans with something white or pastels and you will get a perfect summery look. (Quick Tip: Don't be afraid to go for different colors and textures of denim. Also, try rugged and ripped ones.)
  • Wamiqa's color!

[caption id="attachment_32278" align="alignnone" width="1012"] Wamiqa Gabbi[/caption] While neutrals make you look more fashionable, Summer is mostly about colors. A colorful dress is also a must in your summer wardrobe. You can go either for something like Wamiqa is wearing or choose something else. A light and colorful dress will make your summer brighter than ever.