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By Now Test . 1st April 2017 06:30pm

Summer means beautiful blue sky long days and mangoes. Yes, these are the beautiful things which make us happy while thinking about summer. Where there is good, there is always bad, that's one universal fact we can't change and yeah summer comes with lots of troubles as well. But you can always avoid trouble if you know the right things to do.

So, Here is a list of 5 things you shouldn't during summer

Follow these and have a beautiful trouble free summer.

1. Do not forget Sunscreen

Things you should not do during summer Do you ever forget to breathe? No, right! Because if you forget to breathe then you will just be dead. Sunscreen is exactly similar to breathing. So, put sunscreen at least half an hour before heading out of the house and also put it after every 2 hours for best protection. Choose an SPF number according to your choice and think of it as your holy grail product.

2. Do not eat heavy meals

Things you should not do during summer It sounds sad but you should not eat heavy meals during summer. Eating heavy meals and more intake of proteins increases your metabolic heat production. When your metabolic heat production increases you loose more water. Try and eat more veggies, salads and fruits which are rather cool and keep your metabolic heat in control.

3. Do not die of thirst

Things you should not do during summer Whenever the topic of drinking water arises we hear '8 ounce glasses of water a day'. Well, we don't know about that but drinking water is always a must. It helps flush out so many toxins and bless you with beautiful skin and a beautiful body. During summer water also helps in keeping your body cool in addition to flushing out toxins. You will feel less hot if you are always hydrated.

4. Avoid Caffeine

Things you should not do during summer Caffeine is a stimulant which increases your heart rate and metabolism. Avoid caffeine during summer to keep your body healthy and cool. Though it is a really hard thing to resist, caffeine causes your body to lose water. Caffeine drinks include Soft Drinks, Coffee, Alchohol and energy drinks, chocolate bars and ice creams also contain caffeine. Try avoiding these beverages and caffeine containing products as much as possible for a trouble free summer.

5. Do not shampoo

Things you should not do during summer Yes, you read it right do not shampoo too much during summer. Not only during summer but you should not shampoo more than twice a week during other seasons as well. Washing your hair too much will take away the essential oils from your hair. It is very important to moisturise your hair and what is better than your natural hair. So, less shampoo for a beautiful hair all summer long.