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5 ways by which we come to terms with the NEW NORMAL

By Navjot Bains . 12th July 2020 12:00pm
5 ways by which we come to terms with the NEW NORMAL


When the world paused and we were all forced to lock ourselves up inside our houses we got extremely baffled by the ongoing situation.  But as the days passed we got adapted to a new "normal". But our day to day activities became both bliss and curse. Here are 5 things that most of us did/are doing in this lockdown.


1. Binge eating

Frequently consuming unusually large amounts of food in one sitting and feeling that eating behaviour is out of control. Yes our eating marathon has caused a binge eating disorder in most of us. We were eating large chunks of food whenever we felt hungry and are body was just consuming all that fat . Because our bodies were not being moved many of us ended up gaining a lot of weight and becoming obese.


2. Some EXTRAAAA time

In our mundane routine  we forget to do one thing , and that is to spend time with our loved ones , our families,  our friends,  our partners, our pets, our children.  Some of us went on to grow more plants in this lockdown tenure.  We got to spend a lot of time with ourselves.  Self exploration,  self awareness,  self control.  We got to dig deep inside our souls.



We became trend setters when we did not get time to pamper ourselves. With all salons, spas, barbershops, parlors being closed we switched to the immediate alternatives, or no alternatives . Long hair, undone eyebrows,  no waxing, stubble, greys we all carried and flaunted them like a BOSS.


4. Cooking experiments

We all  at least for once stepped  inside our kitchens to see the look and feel of it , to feel the ambiance and to hold the ladle for the first time.  Many of us experimented with the dishes while some became the success stories and others were impossible to engulf .



Pajamas became our best friends.  Opening and closing of the wardrobe for no reason became a funny routine  because there was no need to get dressed but still we kept a check on what do we have inside.  Loose T-Shirts, shorts, Bermudas, pajamas, made this lockdown a comfortable situation to be in.


But now we all have realized the importance of everything around us. We have acknowledged the needs of our environment . We have understood and have come to terms with the upcoming plans of not overloading the environment again. The pandemic should now just come to an end.

With this hope .


Typing stops ......

Awareness begins