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5 worst films in 2020 that were a pandemic in themselves

By Navjot Bains . 23rd October 2020 11:00am
5 worst films in 2020 that were a pandemic in themselves


Let's just jump into the list without wasting any time because these films already did that.

1. Virgin Bhanupriya 

The story revolves around Bhanupriya (Urvashi), a conservative girl who decides to lose her virginity but fails in every attempt. There’s talk of “sex yog” being missing from Bhanupriya’s Kundli and we thought going to astrologers for pillow talk was only reserved for Sima Taparia from Mumbai. This movie is pathetic and is too boring and problematic Skip it so that such content doesn’t make it past the pitching stage again.

2. Sadak 2

Alia Bhatt’s Sadak 2 was firstly voted as the worst trailer on YouTube ever, and now the worst Bollywood movie ever made on IMDb with a rating of 1.0. The movie was released straight on OTT platform Hotstar but got a lot of negative reviews by film critics and even individuals who were miffed with the Bhatt family due to the alleged nepotism rule in Bollywood. The film had a bad storyline. Overrated performances and worst screenplay.

3. Mrs. Serial killer 

 It’s a pity that the movie was so bad, considering it was among the most awaited titles on Netflix. It starts as a whodunit thriller, quickly transforms into the most bizarre tale of love, murder, revenge and well, cringe. Featuring Jacqueline Fernandez and Manoj Bajpayee, it tells the story of a doting wife, who’s willing to commit a murder for the sake of her husband comes face to face with a bizarre serial killer during a musical performance. Jacqueline tries her level best to act but like her performance this film drops miserably.

4. Hacked 

Hina khan made her debut with Vikram bhatt's tech thriller hacked. Even a Savdhan India episode has more content than this film. The film was tiring and was a huge waste of such a talented actress.

5. Unlock

The screenplay is oddly written.  No details have been given to you. Questions and more questions but no answers.  It doesn't resolve in a desirable fashion.  The screenplay has been traeted as a horror- thriller  but it delivers neither of these two.

The dialogues come from an era gone by.

There are some scenes which are nice but in the end you feel the entire thing was irrelevant.