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6 benefits of working out during winters

By Geetika Raleh . 30th September 2019 09:00am
6 benefits of working out during winters

Winter is approaching and so is laziness. The worst part is when you have to go out for workout but don't want to. Let us all agree to the fact that it is super difficult to work out when it’s cold and it is even harder to stay motivated.

During winters, humans have the tendency to eat more, snuggle for longer duration in the blanket, and this adds on to the layers of unwanted fat. While the habit of overindulgence feels good, it also leads to lethargy. Winters not only brings in cold but also blues and isolation.

So, try considering the following points which may become the motivational factor for you to work out when there is a dip in the temperature.

Sun is a better friend than the heater!

There are many food items which can provide Vitamin D but the easiest source of them all is sun. During summers, soaking up in the sun for 10-15 minutes is considered more than enough but during the winters this isn't the case. So, go out as much as you can instead of being a panda in a blanket. Sunshine also makes the bones stronger and boosts the immune system, enriches the mind with positive thoughts while preventing high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer-like diseases.

Helps in staying warm

When you gather the courage for that outdoor work out session, your body's temperature rises to keep itself warm and through this, you can control your ever expanding waistline. The temperature increase because work out has a soothing effect on the body, unlike a long warm bath or even the warmth of the heater.

Burn more calories

When the body works harder for regulating its temperature, one definitely burns more calories during winters. The burning of calories can be a great morale booster.

Get rid of the winter blues

A different kind of gloom automatically starts hovering in the mind with the approaching winters. Regular work out makes one feel good about themselves, de-stresses the brain and also provides with a break from the daily grinding routine. An approximate 45-minute rigorous session would change the entire outlook towards winter.

A stronger heart

During the colder season, the heart has to function harder to pump the blood through the body. An unhealthy heart has to struggle to manage the stress but a small work out session during winters can increase the endurance making it stronger, preparing the body for a more strenuous workout.