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6 Fashion Trends that are making a comeback in 21st Century | Gabruu

By Ritika Nath . 19th September 2019 10:00am
6 Fashion Trends that are making a comeback in 21st Century | Gabruu

Everyone of us follows what the trend is and when it comes to the fashion, we all love to be a part of the trend which is existing. but in this 21st century the fashion of 90's or 80's are back in trend which is followed by every one of us.

So here we have listed down some fashion trends that have come up in the 21st century with a twist, have a look:

Choker Necklaces

Chokers were quite famous in the 90’s, and everyone wore them. Now again, they made a comeback. You can wear it with a crop top, saree, or any indo-western attire. It does compliment all of them.


The athleisure movement of the sweatpants is back on wheel because of its cool appearance. Even though a twist of slim fitting is added to it but it is still a different and most comfortable to wear for all.

Ripped Jeans

This trend was famous in the 80’s era where every pair of jeans had the knees blown out. And now, this is back in trend which is swinging back in this era. Well, we guess, this is one of the best comebacks in today’s fashion trend.

Crop tops

Back in the day minis were the way to go — the concept of shrunken tops comes from there. Today, crop tops bare your midriff just enough to make you look sexy without too much exposure. 

High waist jeans

Almost every woman of 90’s owned several high waist mom jeans for casual wear. This statement still holds true after all these years later. The modern version comes with some alterations where the flared bottoms are replaced with straight cut, ankle length legs. And the best part of it is this that they are damn comfortable.

Denim Dungaree

The 90’s provided us the look of the denim jumpers and in this era the modified version of them is a compulsory clothe in our wardrobes. They are the best option if you’re going for the chic look and are equally comfortable to pull off.

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