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By Nanki Ahluwalia . 17th July 2018 02:00pm

Human brain is the most important part of our body and is responsible for all actions of a person. It stores all the information and is both fascinating and beautiful. But there are some interesting facts about your brain that you should know. Check them out below:

  • The adult human brain weighs about three pounds and it is about two per cent of the total body weight but, according to a report in Be Brain Fit, it uses 20 per cent of the total energy and oxygen. It is the most energy-consuming organ of the body.
  • It is believed that we are unable to remember things as we grow older since the old memories in the brain make it difficult to accommodate and absorb new ones.
  • Contrary to popular opinions, the brain, with its set of cells, can repair itself after an injury. According to a report in BBC, neuroplasticity or the ability of the brain to change throughout an individual’s life, enables one to learn a new skill. This is affirmed in the cases of those who are recovering from stroke or recovering from drug addiction.
  • During the course of pregnancy, the brain grows at a rate of 250,000 nerve cells per minute.
  • If you do not drink enough water then your grey matter might just shrink, which makes it difficult for one to think! Yes, you read it right. According to a report in Daily Mail, even if one sweats for 90 minutes, their brain can shrink that is equivalent to a year-long ageing.
  • Human beings apparently use only 10 per cent of their brain. This has been perpetuated by various theories and legends.