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By Ritika Nath . 15th July 2018 07:30pm

An ordinary octogenarian from Pune, Shridhar Chillal has made a world record after a struggle of 66 years. His 31-feet fingernails have been preserved in the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! museum in Times Square, New York where they were cut by a power tool during the ‘nail-clipping ceremony’. He is a retired photographer.' [caption id="attachment_42733" align="alignnone" width="400"]Shridhar Chillal Source[/caption] Sridhar had been growing the fingernails of his left hand since 1952. When combined together, they measured to be 909.6cm, with his longest fingernail being 197.8cm. To put the length into an easier perspective, Shridhar’s nails have the same length as a three-storey building or a London bus. [caption id="attachment_42734" align="alignnone" width="660"]SHRIDHAR CHILLAL Source[/caption] Shridhar had to pay a hefty price for his unique and adamant resolution. Due to the heavy weight of his fingernails, he had trouble doing his daily works. He even faced a disfigurement of his fingers, ultimately leading to a permanent disability of his left hand. It even led to nerve damage which made him deaf from his left ear. [caption id="attachment_42735" align="alignnone" width="960"]shridhar chillal Source[/caption]

Why did Shridhar take the bizarre decision to never cut his nails despite all the difficulties it resulted in?

The story goes back to the time when Shridhar was a school student. Once he broke his teacher’s fingernail by mistake. So he was scolded and told that he could never understand the importance of what he had done because he never committed to anything. This is when he decided to never cut his nails.
I took it as a challenge
[caption id="attachment_42736" align="alignnone" width="843"]shridhar Chillal Source[/caption] Even Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! team is surprised by the old man’s determination to maintain his fingernails for such a long time. Suzanne Smagala-Potts, the Public Relations Manager has expressed her privilege to display the ‘unique and one-of-a-kind’ exhibit in the world-famous museum of the most bizarre things ever discovered.
Chillal dedicated his life to something truly remarkable and Ripley's is the perfect home to honour his legacy. While he may have cut his fingernails, his nails will be forever memorialised inside Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square
While some may find it disgusting, it is definitely a must-see exhibit for many enthusiasts who are ready to explore every mind-blowing thing on the face of the earth! To know all about anything and everything interesting, keep reading on Gabruu.com!