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9 Benefits of consuming / drinking water from the earthen pots | Gabruu

By Ritika Nath . 30th August 2019 09:00am
9 Benefits of consuming / drinking water from the earthen pots | Gabruu

As we head towards the advancements of our living, we realize the importance of the ancient values that are taught by our ancestors. The earthen pots are one of the equipments that were used by our Dadis and nanis and we were told about many health benefits of drinking water from these pots. But with the change and development of technology, all the tradition values vanished away.

But, what if we tell you that there are some actual benefits you can get with drinking or using earthen pots. Have a look:


Any form of clay that has been through the kiln and glazed is bound to resist heat. So, while your hot food will remain hot on top of the plate, if you're holding the plate from the bottom, it's not going to be as hot as a steel or a plastic plate.


Though we conveniently put plastic containers in the microwave to heat up food, the truth remains that any and all forms of plastic releases toxic chemicals when heated up. These gases, when mixed with your food, can be very harmful for the human body. Earthen utensils, however, are made of clay--which is organic and thus safe for the human body--and does not release any harmful toxins when exposed to higher temperatures.


A clay bottle is made from special clay or mud containing particles of mica, collectively known as micaceous clay. It works as a natural insulator to heat and keeps the water temperature cooler than the outside. Moreover, the clay bottle is porous in nature which absorbs moisture and provides optimum water temperature for drinking.


Our body system needs to maintain a certain alkaline to an acid ratio (20:80 - ideal ratio) for proper functioning. It is necessary to maintain pH balance in our body and thus preventing us from various gastronomical diseases. Earthen bottle help in maintaining that ratio by keeping the water raw as possible thereby retaining the required alkaline for our body.


Certain minerals get washed up during filtration process which is essential to our body system. Earthen bottle help in retaining those natural minerals in the water by keeping the water pure and rich in minerals organically.


More dependency on chemically filtered water means more prone to diseases as it weakens our immune system. Consuming water from Mitti or mud bottle keeps us close to nature as it contains essential required minerals and thereby increasing our metabolism and immunity. Also, our body adapts and conditions itself while consuming water from mitti bottle.


We often ask for cold refrigerated water in summers whenever we come from outside. But a sudden change in body temperature, due to consumption of cold water, leads to sunstroke and other throat diseases. Clay bottle, on the other hand, keeps the water temperature down to a level which is optimum for consumption at any time and thus preventing us from sunstrokes


Clay Bottle or Mud Bottle, as the name suggests, made from mud or mitti, which is organic, 100% recyclable and does not cause any harm to the environment as compared to plastic bottles which take years to decompose.

Hope next time you think of buying some utensils, we strike your mind. Now let us know in the comment section below about the movie. For more such updates, keep visiting Gabruu.com

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