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GABRUU - One-stop-destination for all Punjabi Entertainment and Bollywood updates and what’s latest and live on Gabruu.com and Gabruu TV.


Gabruu, the first-of-its-kind, Punjabi entertainment specific application has content ranging from religious to humorous, informative to entertaining. Gabruu app is designed to be the one stop destination for all the entertainment (or infotainment) needs of the Punjabis.

Providing one platform for multi-dimensional and multi-generational tastes and interests, Gabruu is our attempt to revolutionize the largely unexplored Punjabi community specific app space. Gabruu is ready to serve a unique range of specifically curated content that mirrors the cultural ethos and lively spirit innate to every community across the globe.

Gabruu began its operations from the iconic infotainment brand, Gabruu.com. With its success story as Punjab’s no. 1 youth and entertainment portal, Gabruu.com has a loyal readership of over a million.

Recently, Gabruu TV was launched in Australia and has been a pioneer in re-connecting the NRI population back to their roots.

Unleashing the power encased in your palms, Gabruu app will bring together Gabruu.com and Gabruu TV on your smartphones, aaccessible anytime-anywhere. More than just music and movies, we bring to you latest Pollywood and Bollywood powwows and a plethora of genres to choose from.