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After Kulbir Jhinjer , It's Tarsem Jassar Whose Song Got Leaked!!

By Mandeep Kaur . 15th October 2018 06:35pm
After Kulbir Jhinjer , It's Tarsem Jassar Whose Song Got Leaked!!

There is no doubt in saying that Punjabi music and the Film industry has witnessed a tremendous change by passing years. But the devils like piracy and cheating scams are still the hurdles because of which the Punjabi industry is lacking behind. This is why from the past few months many unreleased songs of the singers have been leaked. To name few we have Kulbir Jhinjer's  The Unbreakable and B Jay Randhawa's Jawak which were leaked last month. 

This month again an unreleased song has got leaked and this time it's none other than our Turbanator Tarsem Jassar. The information has been shared on his social media with a post where he wrote;

Sat Shri Akal ji. Bada Afsos hoya jdo eha pata laggea k sada ik song leak hoia. Jihda naam net walean wallon hi "Challenge Hero" likhea gia. Es geet di ik ik gal apne dil to te sachai de nede likhi gai aa. Eh song aje rough hi c. But jaldi hi official full track v release karange. Malak tuhanu sabh nu razi rakhe. Te jihna ne eda kita alak smat bakshe ohna nu v Agge to

This song by Tarsem Jassar is all about his personal experiences. Later on, the Turbanator hitmaker shared a picture of himself which is captioned as 

  •                                                                      Kujh negative medie Dalal Bne ne Headline hi jo likhde bekaar ne ,
    Jassar tn gal likhu sidhi theth jhi 
    Na sikhe jazbaat kde maarne ... #tarsemjassar #vehlijanta #keeploving #keepsupporting #afsar #turbanator #wmk

Well, from all the posts shared by the singer it is pretty much clear that he is not so happy about this incident. It is obvious coz when you work really hard with complete dedication and it doesn't get enough recognistion, it hurts. But, Tarsem has given his fans a hope with his post that he will release the final song again even though it has been leaked. And this positive thought of his makes his fans like him more. 

We hope Tarsem Jassar will release the final track really soon with the same passion and enthusiasm. Till then you tell us in the comment section what do you think about Tarsem Jassar this post and how much excited are you for his new song?

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