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After Onions, Fuel prices go haywire at Rs 80/litre

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 11th December 2019 06:05pm
After Onions, Fuel prices go haywire at Rs 80/litre

Everything is on the rising spree, first, the people were hit hard with the rising onion prices which almost touched Rs 100/kg and now the fuel prices have skyrocketed almost touching Rs 80 to a litre.

On December 9 2019, the petrol prices hit almost Rs 75 to a litre in one year's time as the Oil producing companies hiked the prices in order to balance the rising cost of production.

After the prices were increased, the national capital recorded Petrol price at Rs 75 to a litre and Diesel at Rs 66.04 for one litre. The rates have been on the rising trend since last month where Petrol rates are increased by almost Rs. 2.30 per litre, however, Diesel prices stayed hovering near to Rs 65-66/litre.

As per the sources obtained from Indian Oil Corporation, here are the rates picked from the four metro cities:

Delhi - Petrol (75) and Diesel (66.04)
Kolkata - Petrol (77.67) and Diesel (68.45)
Mumbai - Petrol (80.65) and Diesel (69.27)
Chennai - Petrol (77.97) and Diesel (69.81)
* The prices are for per litre

As per the above-mentioned rates, the people of Mumbai are the worst hit with the hiked Petrol rates however Diesel is dearer in Chennai and cheapest in Delhi.

With effect from 2017, the fuel prices are revised daily which are based on the international fuel prices and currency exchange rate (INR vs Dollar Rate). 

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