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By Gurpreet Kaur . 15th June 2018 11:00pm

Alia’s boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor has just confessed that he cannot resist stalking Taimur, his nephew. Seems like not just the country, but even Taimur’s mamu cannot get enough of him. [caption id="attachment_39608" align="alignnone" width="600"]ranbir and taimur Source[/caption] Talking to Rajeev Masand in an interview, Ranbir said he is one of the biggest fans of Taimur. Talking about the paparazzi, Ranbir said he did not have paparazzi around him and his sister during their childhood. But still, both of them enjoyed a lot when they were addressed ad Rishi Kapoor’s children.

“We had our own share of public spotlight. Of course, camera phones weren’t there and paparazzi wasn’t there but the kind of attention we got in school or you know when you went outside and people knew that me and my sister were Rishi Kapoor’s children it felt good in a nice way. We had a nice time basking in our parents’ glory.”
Ranbir acknowledged the fact that he also stalks his nephew online like everyone else.  He said,
“To be honest, I stalk his pictures because I am also obsessed. Because when you see him it just warms your heart. And when he has his haircut or how he walks... I am a Taimur fan.”
He also added “I have had the opportunity and the good fortune to hold him and it felt quite surreal. It felt like holding royalty.” How cute is that? Imagine your mamu calling you the apple of your eyes and feeling surreal just holding you in his arms. So we won’t be surprised at all if Ranbir heads out to see Taimur after his vacation from London. Currently, he is pulling up his socks for his upcoming movie ‘Sanju’ which will be releasing on 29th June in all cinemas. He will be seen playing the character of Sanjay Dutt, and the movie is his biopic. [caption id="attachment_39609" align="alignnone" width="443"]sanju poster Source[/caption] At the launch of the trailer of Sanju Ranbir said,
"Jab main chhota tha, mere cupboard pe Sanju sir ka poster tha. And now today, in front of all of you, I'm in his shoes, trying to represent him... I really hope that he feels that I have represented his life in a very honest and true way."