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All four accused in Hyderabad rape-murder case shot dead

By Zeeshan Mohd. . 6th December 2019 12:35pm
All four accused in Hyderabad rape-murder case shot dead

Cyberabad Police Commissioner, VC Sajjanar is the same cop who was in charge of three 'encounters' in the past. Almost the same scenario, actions & results and that is something to ponder upon. 

The four Veterinarian rape & murder accused were gunned down at the same spot where they dumped the victim's body in the wee hours of Friday. According to Telangana police, as per the investigation, the accused were taken to the spot to recreate the crime scene and all four were killed when they allegedly snatched weapons from the cops and fired at them. They were trying to escape the scene when, "in self-defence, the police fired back and the accused were killed." Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar said. 

This has come in the wake of national outcry against the inability of the authorities to safeguard the citizens. After Nirbhaya, this was another horrendous case where the brutality of the highest level was at display. However, this encounter has divided the people. Some consider it a celebratory while others smell 'fake' encounter in all this. 

The bigger problem, however, is that no one will ever get to know whether they were the real accused or some people who were taken from their homes and shot dead to bring down the outcry. This is a double-edged sword at work now and could come to haunt the authorities. 

Also, if the law is being broken by the people who are supposed to safeguard it, how will one expect others to be responsible and follow the law. Although this is a news report, my personal opinion is that such instances shouldn't happen from either side. Killing someone can never be justified, no matter what and no matter who it is. Both, the victim and the accused are equal before the law and should be apprehended the same way.