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By Jasmeet Singh . 23rd February 2018 10:30pm

Amitabh Bachchan is definitely one of the 'oldies' who are capable of doing what young and vibrant celebrities can do. Popularly called Big B, Bachchan sir is very active on his social media platforms. Be it his Instagram or Twitter accounts, he keeps his fans entertained and engaged as well. Lately, the veteran actor with his active participation on social media has been making the headlines. After writing an application letter to Deepika Padukone on Instagram, his latest tweet on the win by the Indian Cricket team against South Africa gained immense attention by fans and the media. Frankly speaking, he knows how to move with the trend of entertainment and for more publicity, he is well vast in knowledge on how it works. Well, that aside, Amitabh Bachchan early this year was reported to have lost some followers on Twitter. His loss made him the second most followed celebrity with 32, 902, 353 followers, placing Shah Rukh Khan as the first with 32, 944, 338 followers. The Big B of Bollywood tweeted

"T 2599 - TWITTER ..!!!?? you reduced my number of followers .. !!??HAHAHAHAHAHAHA .. !! thats a joke .. time to get off from you .. thank you for the ride .. .. there are many 'other' fish in the sea - and a lot more exciting !!"
Just when we thought, Amitabh Bachchan was over his loss, he recently penned down a poem to Twitter. Funny right? His tweets are really expressive of his thoughts and showcase his talent as a writer.
Dear brother, or sister (I don’t know your gender, so have addressed both). I am trying to type something but you are not allowing it to be typed. You have cut down my 2,000,000 followers in one day, now please don’t take this away. Please do not be so cruel.”
https://twitter.com/SrBachchan/status/966624605510148096 His second tweet portrays twitter as a bird and not as a social media. Employing the use of personification by the actor is one worth commendable.
“O bird! Where is your home? You come flying here, you have so many fans. You are not afraid, where will we go if you get angry. If your blessings are with us, our new flowers (words?) will be showered upon you."
https://twitter.com/SrBachchan/status/966630794394353664 However, more than a million fake twitter accounts were withdrawn by Twitter as reported by the New York Times. It will be no surprise if Amitabh's twitter followers were lost due to the withdrawal. On the work front, Amitabh Bachchan will soon be seen on screen with Rishi Kapoor together after 25 years in the upcoming film '102 Not Out'.