Amrit Maan

The dashing Gabruu of Punjabi Industry Amrit Maan’s debut movie Channa Mereya released yesterday and has been receiving a wonderful response. The bamb jatt looks almost bomb as if he had a very fierce personality. But that is not the actual matter, the singer-actor has a very cool and a calm personality with a great sense of humor.

This fierce looking gentleman with numerous hit songs is also afraid of something. It is not literally his fear but rather a downside of his personality. In an interview with Gabruu, he says he was never good at Maths. He was a non-med student and he always had trouble with the subject.

On top of everything, his father was a Math Teacher which made things even harder. Reminiscing his old days he says because both his parents were teachers there was a certain atmosphere in the house which only smell of studies. He says his dad was strict yet he is closest to him in the family. He also shared that his dad used to say,

“You are a son of a Math teacher, you should be ashamed if you fail in that” 

If maths gave him a hard time, his father’s strictness is what made the No wonder Amrit Maan has such a calm and composed personality.



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