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Anurag Kashyap agrees to a troll calling Akshay spineless

By Geetika Raleh . 16th December 2019 03:51pm
Anurag Kashyap agrees to a troll calling Akshay spineless

Akshay Kumar is the center of the trolls after he 'accidentally' liked a tweet that celebrated the police beating the students of Jamia Milia University.

Amid the much ruckus and chaos going on because of the CAA in Jamia Milia University, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar claimed to have accidentally liked a tweet which appreciated the police on stopping the protests against the citizenship law.

Akshay Kumar said that he had unliked it instantly after he realized but several screenshots were all over the micro-blogging website.

Akshay Kumar tweeted, “Regarding the 'like' on the tweet of Jamia Milia students, it was by mistake. I was scrolling and accidentally it must have been pressed and when I realized I immediately unliked it. As In no way do I support such acts.”

The tweet which he ‘accidentally’ liked was captioned as Badhai ho...Jamia mein Azaadi mili hai (congratulations, Jamia has won independence)." The video showed the police in riot gear on the campus and not a student in sight.

Akshay Kumar attracted a lot of trolls and within half an hour 1800 people retweeted it.

See some tweets below.

Akshay Kumar Trolled

Funny Tweet

Abhishek V Parihar Tweet

Akshay Kumar meme

Akshay Kumar funny reply

Akshay Kumar Funny meme

Later filmmaker Anurag Kashyap reacted to Akshay's by mistake liking the tweet and was seen agreeing with a Twitter user who called Akshay Kumar spineless. Look at Anurag Kashyap's tweet below.

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