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By Nanki Ahluwalia . 23rd July 2018 08:00pm

Bollywood has always been setting trends for the public. Whatever they do people follow a lot. Be it their looks, activities, habits or style statements. Recently Bollywood’s one of the very talented and gorgeous actress Anushka Sharma had made a big announcement through her social media account. [caption id="attachment_43555" align="alignnone" width="832"]anushka sharma Source/Instagram[/caption] The actress had stated in her Instagram post that she will be a vegetarian now, just to take care of and protect  the animals. Sharing a poster of her own which read “I am Anushka Sharma and I am a vegetarian”. She also wrote,

the only way forward for me is through a way in which I take care of the world around me and co-exist with my environment. This is the best decision I’ve made and I am content with the knowledge that I’ve made a little difference in the world in this way. @petaindia

All of us know that Anushka had been associated with PETA, few months back on her birthday also, she surprised everyone with her decision of building an animal shelter just outside Mumbai for the stranded and street animals. Which proves that she is an animal lover and is a responsible human being also who not just cares about your own existence but also the other creatures on Earth. Well we hope that this move of Anushka Sharma inspires her fans also and the public in general.

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