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By Nanki Ahluwalia . 17th April 2018 06:30pm

Deepika S Rajawat, the lawyer who is fighting the case for Asifa, the 8 year old who got raped in Kathua district of Jammu has been continuously receiving death threats. On April 13, Rajawat accused BS Slathia, president of Jammu Bar Association, of threatening her.

I am not scared, but I am not feeling safe either. Protesters (lawyers) are trying to put pressure on me so that I don’t fight for justice. But I will continue to fight Asifa’s case. I have full faith in the police investigation.
Although Rajawat has now been issued a security letter from the high court, saying that she will now be provided with security and will be kept safe. She was even threatened to stay away from the case during the lawyers’ strike. She said,
But when I confronted the senior advocate and told him that I can fight any case I want, I was told there are ways to stop me. But this letter from the high court gives me strength even though there is a corner in my heart that is a little afraid. These are powerful people.
Not just this, on directions of senior officers, she was allegedly denied water too. She said,
Just recently when I went to one of the bar rooms to have some water, a staff told me that water cannot be served to me since there were directions from senior officers. Is this the property of the bar president?
She now says that anything can happen to me.
I don’t know how long I will be alive. I can be raped…My modesty can be outraged. I can be killed, I can be damaged. I was threatened yesterday that ‘we will not forgive you’. I am going to tell the Supreme Court tomorrow that I am in danger.
[caption id="attachment_34578" align="alignnone" width="696"]Deepika Rajawat Source[/caption] While speaking to one of the news channel she raised a few questions, she said,
When our writ petition was filed, why did the Jammu bar president not file another application asking for a CBI probe? Now when the entire matter has been heard and status reports have been filed, they demand a CBI probe? Why did not they approach the court before us.
However Slathia has denied all the allegations against him and said “I have due regards for my fellow colleague. I don’t want to comment on this matter as the objective of the stir will get deviated.” After this, the parents approached Rajawat. But soon after she took up the case, her bar membership was cancelled. Rajawat said, “They (The bar association) gave a statement to the press stating that I was an ‘undisciplined lawyer. After hearing all this, all that we want is a safe probe by Rajawat into the whole matter so that Asifa gets justice.