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By Siddharth Singh . 18th January 2018 04:39pm


The brutal murder of Zainab has incited anger among people in neighboring Pakistan. She was kidnapped on January 4 from near her aunt's house in Kasur city. Her body was discovered five days later from a garbage pile by. The post-mortem report revealed that the minor had been raped and murdered. After this, the neighboring country has been observing severe protests by its citizens on various location across the country. From neighboring celebrities to Indian and other nationalities have also taken out their rage against the law and order situation in Pakistan, the internet is flowing like a harsh river with all the comments in support of Zainab. Everyone can sympathize but the brutal case seems to have been empathized by Punjabi rapper Bohemia. Roger David aka Bohemia who also hails from Pakistan had moved abroad with his family at a very young age. It was Bohemia who initiated to rap in Punjabi and was adored by millions of Punjabi's all across world immediately, irrespective of their nationality. The rapper will be releasing a special dedication to the deceased which is titled 'Gumrah'. In English, it means Astray or Errant, the rapper took it to his Insta handle and quoted;
Asi #Gumrah sare - Dedicated to Zainab and children, like her around the world. Tomorrow
bohemia This is not the first case in Kasur vicinity, in fact, it is 12th such case to occur within a two-kilometer radius in the city within last year. Kasur had earlier made international headlines in 2015 when a gang of pedophiles running a child sex ring was busted. The gang allegedly abducted and sexually assaulted at least 280 children in the area, had blackmailed the families of the victims since 2009 and even sold video clips and images of the assault.

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