TED is a non-profit organization committed to spreading thoughts, as short, effective talks. TED started in 1984 as a gathering where Technology, Entertainment, and Design focalizing all the points — from science to business to worldwide issues — in more than 100 dialects. In the interim, autonomously run TEDx talks help share thoughts in groups across the world.

One such TEDx talk will soon be held on September 23 at Rayat Bahra University. In this event at TEDxRayatBahraUniversity, x has been denoted for and sharing of ideas and experiences among the community participating in the event. This event will recognize students, faculties, alumni, futurists etc in sharing their knowledge and rejuvenating their energy through TED talks with that x factor in it.


The theme of this event will be ‘Blue Sky Thinking” basically referring to Creative ideas that are not limited to present thinking or beliefs. Assemble endless spirit, intelligence, innovation, culture and humanitarianism under one light at Rayat Bhara University with the following dignitaries.



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