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Babbu Maan becomes Elly Mangat guiding light with 'Game Killerz'

By Geetika Raleh . 8th November 2019 11:45am
Babbu Maan becomes Elly Mangat guiding light with 'Game Killerz'

Legendary singer Babbu Maan is making a comeback of sorts in the industry with Elly Mangat and a few other songs he has released in the recent past.


Fan moments happen when people get to meet their idols in real life, somebody who they’ve looked up to while growing up and thinking to become like them. These fangirl-fanboy moments happen even in the entertainment industry when well-established celebrities get to meet their idols.

Recently, Elly Mangat shared a photo with legendary singer Babbu Maan on his Instagram handle. At first, it only looked like another fan moment for Elly, but once we read the caption, we knew the reason behind Elly’s excited expressions.

Elly and Maan are working on a song together which will be most probably written by Maan and sung by Mangat. However, during an interview some time ago Elly Mangat had announced about this collaboration but with the post, he has officially declared it.

Babbu Maan is an iconic Punjabi singer who sang songs which are heard fondly by the masses even today. Later he stepped in the shoes of a writer and started writing songs for himself and for others too.

We really hope that this way of coming back in the industry really works out well for Maan.