Babbu Maan is known as one of the best vocalists of Punjabi music industry has given us some evergreen tunes like Mitrann Di Chhatri, Jogiya, Samundar to name a few apart from his long list of hit melodies. Aside from his work as a vocalist, he is likewise an actor, producer, and a lyricist. Well, the top-notch artist is making full use of his versatility as on the work front and it won’t be wrong to say that he is indeed a one-man army.

His latest release which is trending at number 3 on the video-sharing website YouTube has come in with new age gym goals with his latest release ‘Zumba’. Music of this melody including the lyrics has been composed by Maan himself, along with lending his voice to the hit melody. The wordings of the melody revolve around two modern days exercises, namely Zumba and Circuit.

His last melody was a special track on Valentine’s Day titled as ‘Teri Yaad Aati Hai’. The speciallity of the song was that it featured actress Smita Gondkar, an Indian actress who has worked primarily in Marathi and Hindi films.

Maan started his career in 1999 as a singer, he has 14 music albums under his name. Not only a singer, he is a great actor, lyricist, music director, and screenwriter. His first album Tu Meri Miss India won hearts in India and abroad even though he was a newcomer. His songs have connected well with the society as he based them on issues related to people


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