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Be prepared, a stronger earthquake is coming as per the scientists | Gabruu

By Zeeshan Mohd. . 28th September 2019 12:18pm
Be prepared, a stronger earthquake is coming as per the scientists | Gabruu

As per the reports by The Weather Channel India, a stronger earthquake is coming to shook North India this week. According to the channel, the tension has been building in the Himalayan zone which is a plate boundary and therefore, is an earthquake hotspot. In September alone, the Himalayan fault line along the Indian subcontinent has witnessed over 15 earthquakes.  

This report comes in after four days of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake which jolted Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). At least 37 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured, meanwhile, the damage to property has been high as well. The tremors were felt in the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) along with some parts of Punjab.

"It is all a simple stress and strain mechanism. Whenever the rocks get more stressed, they release the energy, and it results in an earthquake," says Dr Shankara from Manipal Institute of Technology.

As per the scientists, the long-term seismological analysis in the region shows that the amount of energy accumulated in the subduction zones is not equivalent to the amount of energy that is getting released through small and moderate earthquakes. In simpler words, the energy has been building up and the only relief is a strong earthquake. It is impossible to predict when it will happen but they have suggested the people and authorities be prepared for it.