Pankaj Batra

One of the most celebrated directors of the Punjabi Industry, Pankaj Batra’s Channa Mereya got released today. His movies are always loved by people. From direction to screenplay to casting, cinematography, and music his movies always consist of everything impressive. Some of the┬ánotable works by Pankaj Batra till date are Channo Kamli Yaar Di, Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo, and Bambukat.

Sometimes your life takes a strange turn. That is exactly what happened with this director’s life. He didn’t always want to be a director. Instead, he wanted to be a football player. Oh yes, you read it right. Imagine what would have happened of the Punjabi Movie Industry and its audience if Pankaj Batra would’ve been a director.
It’s hard right!

Sharing his likes and dislikes with in an exclusive conversation, he said he is a football lover. He was an active football player during his college days. Apart from football, there’s another thing that he loves to do. And it is…well, you guys probably won’t believe, it is cooking. Yes, the director also loves to try his hands on different delicacies and spend some time on kitchen.
Guess his cast and crew are never hungry during shooting.


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