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By Siddharth Singh . 8th December 2017 06:18pm

Heartthrob of millions to date actress turned politician Hema Malini has extended her warmest of wishes to love of her life, evergreen Dharmendra. The veteran actress has shared a few throwback pictures with her husband on her official Twitter handle quoting;

On Dharamji’s birthday, I pray for his happiness & good health. God bless him always🙏 Nostalgia time! One of our early fotos together😘
https://twitter.com/dreamgirlhema/status/938959092214665216 https://twitter.com/dreamgirlhema/status/938960756980121600 Hema Malini in her recently released authorized biography has also revealed how she fell in love with the 'Veeru', not of reel life but in her real life. In a few of the anecdotes from her biography, Hema states;
The truth was that I didn’t know what I wanted. I knew that I was attracted to him (Dharmendra) but the relationship had no future. In the beginning, we were just good friends. I enjoyed his company. We were paired opposite each other in so many films … there came a time when we were shooting together not just for days or weeks but for months. Soon, it became a habit to be with each other all the time… ‘As time passed, it became more and more impossible to describe what I felt for him, or better still define the relationship. To be honest, I never thought of marrying him. My only argument is that I didn’t fall in love consciously. It’s funny, but I always used to think that whenever I marry, it would be with someone like him. I never thought of it being him, though. It’s destiny and my fortune.

~ Hema Malini

Hema Malini and Dharmendra
In 1975, during the outdoor shooting of Ramanand Sagar’s Charas (1976), we were to be in Malta for weeks. And since I was to be shooting with him (Dharmendra), my father insisted on coming along with me. Often, the cast and crew had to travel together in a car. My father was not happy with this at all. He would order me in Tamil – so that Dharam-ji would not understand what he was saying – to sit in one corner while he would try and sit in the middle. But Dharam-ji would make up some clever excuse or the other to get in from my side, so that I would end up sitting in the middle and he would be beside me!

~ Hema Malini

Today we can laugh over it, but at that time it wasn’t funny. Strangely, my father had no problems with Dharam-ji other than the one related to me. In fact, they got along so well whenever I wasn’t around. They would always be laughing and I would want to freeze the moment. If only they could be like that forever. Everyone in my family adored him … just not as a prospective son-in-law. It’s difficult for me to describe what I went through in those days. I liked him – I couldn’t deny that he was attractive and strong and there was an air of serenity about him. I tried turning away from him. But I couldn’t. There was something inherently good about him. One day, while we were shooting, he suddenly asked me if I loved him. I began to blush and replied indirectly “I will only marry the person I love.” That was my only answer…

~ Hema Malini

Title: Hema Malini: Beyond The Dream Girl
Author: Ram Kamal Mukherjee
Publisher: Harper Collins India
Price: Rs 599 (Hardcover)
In a sympathetic gesture, Dharmendra who has turned 82 today has decided not to celebrate his birthday, in the wake of Shashi Kapoor’s death.