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Bobby Deol who is all geared up to make a grand comeback with his upcoming film ‘Race 3’. When asked, what matters him the most – love and affection from people or awards? To this, he replied that love matters the most than awards to him. Its only the love that motivated him to work till date rather than awards.

While the ongoing interaction with Bobby, at IIFA Press Conference the reporters also asked him for his viewpoint on the parallel cinema in Indian Industry that gives an actor more awards and recognition in the mainstream Bollywood. To which the actor quoted;

“I consider my father (Dharmendra) as one of the most iconic and talented actors of our country, who has been never given a best actor award. He received lot of love and appreciation from his fans and that is happening with my fans as well. so it does not matter. I am here because the people love me and wish to see me.”

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Reporters further questioned if he is nervous as he is going to perform after a long time on the stage. He answered by saying that he is not at all nervous. He has lost a lot in the past and has nothing to lose now. Rather than being nervous, he is more excited and is filled with enthusiasm to perform for his fans once again. He didn’t want to let go of this opportunity.

Bobby Deol in the interview mentioned Salman Khan as his ‘Angel’ that has come to his life and showed much confidence in him. Salman Khan’s confidence  has motivated him to work once again.

Bobby Deol will be seen shaking his legs in this IIFA Awards after seven years. Along with this, the stage will be set on fire with a performance by legendary Rekha, after 20 years. This year IIFA Awards will take place in Bangkok from June 22 to June 24. This will be its 19th edition.


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