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Bollywood Celebrities who Struggled with their Body Weight

By Kirti Pathak . 7th September 2019 06:00pm
Bollywood Celebrities who Struggled with their Body Weight

The Bollywood stars who look beautiful, glamorous and fit had a tough fight with overweight which they have overcome. The artist are ruling the industry with their looks but lesser did you know about their struggle with overweight. So have a look at these following celebs who were overweight at one time and now are fit and fine.

1.Sonakshi Sinha

Salaman Khan introduced Sonakshi Sinha in the film ‘Dabang’ and it was him only who motivated her to lose weight. She became a dive from a healthy child by just following a diet plan which boosted her metabolism. From 90 kgs she came to 30 kgs as she avoided carbs after 6 pm.

2.Sonam Kapoor

The fashionista of Bollywood Industry never had plans to enter into Bollywood. She had those extra kilos which she decided to lose when Sanjay Leela Bhansali cast her for ‘Savaria’ .She lost 35 kgs before entering Bollywood with weight training and a special diet.

3.Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor was battling with obesity and he has often spoken about this struggle also. Due to this struggle he lost 50 kgs in three years which show how hard it was for him.

 “It’s was a tough journey ever since I was a kid when it came to my battle with obesity. Everyone has their own struggles ….  But the whole point of life is that we fall, we get back up and try again... efforts pay off eventually if not today then in a week, month or even a year or years .”

He was determined to lose weight and he told that he vowed to not give up and it took him 3 years to lose 50kgs at the age of 20. He said that belief is the key to keep you motivated and try harder for your goal. Prior to this he now flaunts and muscular sculpted body.

4.Alia Bhatt

The talented Millenial sensation Alia Bhatt was once a chubby kid who transformed into a glammed girl ‘Shanya’  for her first film ‘Student of the Year’. She lost 20 kgs by hitting the gym with a healthy diet in just three months. After shedding so much she still keeps herself fit by working out in the gym and Pilates.

5.Sara Ali Khan

The fit to the fat league has been recently joined by the The ‘Simmba’ actress Sara Ali khan who shared with everyone on the talk show Koffee With Karan that she at one point weighed 96 kgs. As she was suffering from PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), she gained so much that her mother was once unable to recognize her. That was the time she thought of transforming herself and now she is an inspiration for everyone.