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By Admin Gabruu . 28th May 2018 12:09am

"You look like your father/mother" Every day you or your kids would have heard these common words from your uncle, aunt or any anonymous person. Even when a baby born we start to analyse who he/ she may look like. Even in Bollywood we have some star kid who just have their mother's beauty and father's spitting image. Their is no doubt in the fact that Bollywood have the most beautiful and gorgeous star kids in the world. So, here are the Bollywood star kids who are the carbon copies of their superstar parents.

1. Shahrukh Khan and Aryan Khan

Son of "King khan" Shahrukh khan does have his father dashing looks. 20 years old Aryan Khan will surely steal the hearts of millions with his charm and dandy looks. We, cant wait to see Aryan Khan to make his Bollywood debut. ShahRukh khan- Aryan khan

2. Amrita Singh and Sara Ali Khan

Actress Amrita Singh who was the diva of Bollywood industry in the late 90's has give many hits. Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan's daughter Sara Ali Khan is already very famous for her beautiful reassembles with her mother. Sara Ali Khan will soon make her debut along side Ranveer Singh with Rohit shetty's directorial film Simbaa. Well, we hope Sara Ali Khan will also become a superstar like her parents. Amrita Singh and Sara Ali Khan

3. Saif Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan

Just like his sister Ibrahim Ali Khan also have his daddy Saif Ali Khan's good looks. The look alike facial features of father and son will surely confuse anyone. Saif Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan

4. Hrithik Roshan and Rakesh Roshan

Rakesh Roshan made sure he passed all his good looks down to his son Hrithik Roshan. The Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan is known as a Greek God. Hrithik Rosahn and Rakesh Roshan

5. Kareena kapoor Khan and Taimur Ali Khan 

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan's this cute munchkin has been in the news since his birth. This little munchkin reminds us of little Kareena Kapoor all the time when we see him. taimur-ali-khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan Well, these were the star kids who look exactly like their superstar mother and father from Bollywood.