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Boston resident, Kunal Kamra denied to fly with Air India

By Geetika Raleh . 6th February 2020 11:52am
Boston resident, Kunal Kamra denied to fly with Air India

Kunal Kamra is a name that is popular on social media handle. The comedian has been some days ago, he was banned by four Indian airlines and he is tired proving that he was just questioning and not heckling the TV anchor.

However, very recently, another Kunal Kamra, a Boston resident who is in India visiting his family had to go to through a lot of trouble at Jaipur airport, only because of his name. Kunal was to fly from Jaipur to Mumbai when he was informed that his PNR had been canceled. On enquiring why it had been done, he was informed that his name had been blacklisted. He knew that the famous comedian had been blacklisted.

Though he got a lot of help from the ground crew of the airlines, he had an unpleasant experience. He said, “The Air India people were very helpful, luckily, I had ample time before the flight, so everything was sorted out. They were able to issue me another ticket but what was most annoying for me was that the burden of proof was on me. So I had to prove that I am not this person.

It took Kunal Kamra, Boston resident two ID proofs to prove that he was a different Kunal Kamra. He said, “The whole scenario was really confusing because first, the Jaipur airport security had to clear me, then Air India had to clear me and I needed clearance from both these parties to get on the flight. The airline took a copy of my Aadhar card and it was enough for them, but the security wasn't convinced with all my Indian IDs so I had to show them my American ID, which finally worked. It was just a very unpleasant experience.

Stand up comedian Kunal Kamra reacted to the entire incident calling it a ‘Collateral Damage’.