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Bulbbul - A NETFLIX film review by Navjot

By Navjot Bains . 24th June 2020 05:00pm
Bulbbul - A NETFLIX film review by Navjot

Bulbbul is  written and directed by Anvita Dutt.Produced by Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Sharma, the film stars Avinash Tiwary, Tripti Dimri, Paoli Dam, Rahul Bose and Parambrata Chattopadhyay. It tells the story of a man who returns home after years to find his brother's child bride now grown up in his  ancestral village plagued by mysterious deaths.



The film is written and directed by Anvita Dutt. What appears to look like a love story in the beginning gets disturbed in the initial running minutes of the film.  I won't give too many spoilers from the film . The trailer offers us that the village set in late 1800 is possessed by a chudail.  .  The screenplay takes us back and forth into chronology.

The film falls in the genre of supernatural,  horror but it does not provide anything from this genre.  The film could have easily been developed into a horror flick but the writers chose to take another route instead

There are many revelations in the film . But the biggest problem with the screenplay is its predictable nature.

The dialogues are very nicely written.



1. Tripti Dimri plays the title role of Bulbbul and she looks really beautiful and she impersonates the character really well.  She has a lot to do in this film and she impresses in every scene.

2. Rahul Bose plays a double role and he excels in both of them. He brings in a lot of dissimilar  traits in both the characters that he plays. It is easy to distinguish between the two.

3. Paoli Dam as Binodini is the star of the film . She has a brief role but her performance is brilliant.  She inherits all the traits of Binodini and her potrayal of the character leaves a lasting impression.

4. Avinash Tiwary as Satya has done a really good job.  He leaves a mark.

5. Parambrata Chattopadhyay as Sudip is impressive . His innocence and his expressions does a lot of work for him.



BULBBUL is directed by Anvita Dutt  . The film has all the right ingredients but still something feels missing in the final dish. The film has its heart at the right place but the feet tend to shiver.  The look and feel of the film is really good . The cinematography by Siddharth Diwan deserves applause.

The predictable nature and lack of horror might make  the audiences a bit disappointed



Bulbbul is good in parts. The overall story is good and might leave an impression on you.  But we have seen this in a lot of films before.

I'm going with 2 .5 / 5