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By Gagan Bhullar . 31st May 2018 05:06pm

Modi government's Fit India movement has already become a craze, with celebrities as well as cabinet ministers coming forth to support this drive for promoting fitness and good health. In fact even Pollywood stars like Ranjit Bawa and Mandy Takhar also extended their support. Taking a cue from the PM's initiative, Punjab government has launched its own 'Tandarust Punjab' mission. [caption id="attachment_37919" align="alignnone" width="522"]punjab Source[/caption] Well, Punjabis are big time foodies and know that there's nothing better than Aloo-Gobhi Da Parantha naal makkhan te thandi thandi lassi. Now Chief Minister of the state, Captain Amarinder Singh wants them to go one step ahead and make the state the healthiest in the country. Oh don't worry, you food lovers! Punjab government is aiming towards a more holistic approach by working on the quality of air, water and food in the state. It is more like ensuring people get a good living environment so they are fit as a fiddle. Unlike Fit India movement that urges individuals to take up exercising and healthy habits for the fine fettle living, 'Tandarust Punjab' mission urges stakeholders in the task. According to an official notification issued by the Congress government in the state,

The main goal of the mission will be to provide clean drinking water, improve air quality, ensure growing and consuming unadulterated food and food products, and to improve the physical and mental health of the people of Punjab.
Now if you're wondering how will the government achieve these ambitions, the notification also outlines strategies to reach their goal. In fact a special team, the mission task force, will also be constituted to look over the implementation of 'Tandarust Punjab' mission. So all you Punjabis out there, Tandarust Raho! Mast Raho! Aur Padhte Raho Gabruu.com.