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By Vivek Bhaji . 8th May 2018 09:30pm

What would be your reaction if you come to know that the pain behind your ear is any bug residing in? Obviously, you would have never imagined this and would consider it as a nightmare. This happened with Katie Holley from Florida who one day woke up with a strange pain in her ear. She would have never believed that the actual reason behind the pain is a cockroach [caption id="attachment_36338" align="aligncenter" width="640"]cockroach source[/caption] residing in the ear. How did she come to know about the bug? How she gets escaped from it? Well, you will know it, but firstly know how the cockroach reached her hair. It's ok to find cockroach under the bed or over the shelves but in ear.....horrifying! Katty disclosed that there is a problem of cockroaches in her home. Thus, this could be the reason for her to experience this.

Cockroach lived for nine days in her ear.

During the last month, Katty woke up in the middle of the night with severe pain in her ear. She felt that something is crawling in her left ear hole. While talking with one of the renowned Magazine, she told- "When I pulled the cotton swab out, there were two dark brown, skinny pieces stuck to the tip. Moments later, I came to the realisation that they were legs. LEGS. Legs that could only belong to an adventurous palmetto bug exploring my ear canal. I started to hyperventilate, and my husband searched furiously for his glasses and joined me in the bathroom. He looked into my ear and confirmed that there was a roach trying to burrow its way into my brain. (OK, I know the ear canal isn't a hop, skip, and a jump away from the brain, but that’s immediately where my mind went.)'' When the couple failed to take out the cockroach by themselves, they visited a hospital. There they found that the bug is still alive. Katty further added, "Feeling a roach in the throes of death, lodged in a very sensitive part of your body, is unlike anything I can adequately explain." [caption id="attachment_36337" align="aligncenter" width="831"]cockroach source[/caption] The entire cockroach was removed as believed by the doctor. But, after nine days, she felt the pain and again visited the doctor. This time, doctor, without any delay, scrutinize the matter and took the all left parts of the bug in the ear. Such experience can be a nightmare for anyone. You just need to be aware.