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Coffee smoothies which are good for health and will give you caffeine hit

By Geetika Raleh . 28th December 2019 09:00am
Coffee smoothies which are good for health and will give you caffeine hit

Are you one of those persons whose morning does not start without a cup of coffee? Many times you might have also heard that drinking coffee regularly is not good for health. However, would you believe if we say that you can get your daily dose of caffeine which will be healthy for you?

Drinking smoothies is considered one of the best ways to get that nutritional boost in the morning and here are some smoothies which are perfectly mixed with a dose of caffeine. These are tasty, delicious and also contain coffee.

Coconut Coffee Smoothie

You can make this smoothie by roasting coconut shreds till they turn golden brown. To avoid the burning of the shreds, keep stirring them. Now take this roasted coconut and mix it well along with a frozen banana, a cup of milk, few drops of vanilla extract, and coffee. For making it a chilled drink, add ice cubes.

You can garnish it with some shreds of roasted coconut.

Protein-filled Smoothie

Preparing this smoothie is very easy. This can be made with 2 frozen bananas, a bowl of peanut butter, a cup of black coffee, spoon of protein powder, some drops of vanilla extract, half teaspoon cocoa powder and almond or coconut milk. For making it healthier, add chia seed or oats in the mixture.

Cinnamon Coffee Smoothie

This smoothie can be made blending 2 frozen bananas, coffee, some yogurt, cinnamon, a cup of milk and few ice cubes. Mix it well and you’re good to go and have a kick-ass day.