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By Shriya Sharma . 5th March 2019 07:56pm

Parenthood is a blessing! Life turns blissful when a cherub with soft little hands and feet enters the life and turns it topsy-turvy with the chuckles and drool. The latest Punjabi star to have boarded this wagon, yet again, is Roshan Prince. And we are swoooooooning over the first pics of the Little Prince. Take  a look: 

The 'Bas Tu' singer had taken to Instagram earlier today to announce the birth of his baby boy and thank the Almighty for the little bundle of joy. 

Roshan Prince has a daughter as well and the world is in love with little 'Gopika' and all the love this father-daughter duo has, evident from the singer-actor's social media posts. Like this one right here: 

Ain't that adorable!!!! 

While he is obviously ecstatically happy on the personal front, this talented man is garnering all the love and appreciation for 'Sohni Khaani Aa' that came out last month on the T-Series label. His performances in films like 'Laavaan Phere' and 'Ranjha Refugee' have also won praise from critics and audience alike. 

Well, performing on the silver screen may be a talent but caring for a child is a different ball-game altogether and Gabruu wishes the new Father a very Happy and Energetic parenthood.....