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Coronavirus Lockdown : Sanjay Dutt compared the lockdown to his jail life

By Akshay Dhiman . 19th April 2020 08:00pm
Coronavirus Lockdown : Sanjay Dutt compared the lockdown to his jail life

On one hand, where the world has come to a standstill due to the Corona virus, on the other hand Bollywood is also struggling with its emptiness, with film sets, closed cinema houses and film stars sitting at home.

Film celebrities have also been imprisoned in homes since this fatal situation has arrised. During this time, many celebs are getting bored and passing their time in different ways. However, actor Sanjay Dutt has a different view on this lockdown and he says that he has already faced such a lockdown, which was too long and not different for him.

'He admitted that he has seen this type of  lockdown before'

Actually, Sanjay Dutt, who has seen a lot of ups and downs in his life, was convicted in the 1993 bomb blasts case and was sentenced to 5 years. Sanjay Dutt also completed a 5-year sentence and he continues to compare this lockdown life to that jail life. Comparing his prison life, Sanjay Dutt says that he has spent a lot of time in lockdown before.
'This lockdown is a bit different'

In an interview, Sanjay Dutt said, 'In my past time, I have spent a lot of life in lockdown. One thing is still with me at that time and today that I am missing my family. They are everything to me. Thanks to technology, I can see and talk to them several times a day, but I am still missing them a lot. This time teaches you about the fragility of life and the value of moments spent with your loved ones.

Let us tell you all that Sanjay Dutt was also seen banging thali at his house during Janata curfew and many times he has also shared many videos making everybody aware of Corona virus. At the same time, Sanjay Dutt has also made arrangements for food for 1000 families who are daily wage laborers and their lives have been affected due to the lockdown.