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Dare to try these Creepiest food items from around the World

By Geetika Raleh . 22nd September 2019 02:00pm
Dare to try these Creepiest food items from around the World

Roti, kapda aur makaan are the three basic necessities of a human. However, roti or food is the most important one because it ensures that we have the strength to earn the rest of the two. That's one of the reasons why there are so many options for food all around the world. While some things on the menu are simply for filling the tummy, there are some dishes that are downright experimental. Whatever be the situation, a man finds food to survive as well as savour. 


There are many articles and reviews about some foods that include insects and creepy-crawlies on the platter. Bangkok is considered the most bizarre place for offering anything ranging from dog-meat to worms to octopuses on the menu. 


However, if you thought that this was the most strange food, you are in for a shock. Gabruu.com has found out some of the craziest and creepiest food items from around the world and we dare you to try them even once in your lifetime. 


1. Tarantula: 

Peter Parker was bitten by a spider and he became Spiderman. But what if the man bites a spider? And that too one of the biggest ones on the Earth? Tarantula is a savory snack in Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia. Deep-fried and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, it was mostly served to the travelers during the 70s. Well, according to the diet experts spiders are protein-rich and they may be poisonous alive but deep-frying makes them edible. 

2. Fugu:

Eat it at your own risk! In fact, if you ask us, we would never want to lose our precious reader to a pufferfish. This Japanese fish is so poisonous, it can kill as many as 30 people. But food fanatics eat Fugu which is served as a stew, grilled or sashimi. The art of preparation of this special and dangerous Japanese delicacy takes years of training and is available around October to March only.


3. Balot: 

It is probably the yuckiest of the list. Eggs are a very common food around the globe but in the Philippines, they take the challenge one step further by serving a developing embryo. Duck egg is left to grow for a while and then it is boiled while the chick is still alive inside the shell. Typically a street food sprinkled with chilli, garlic and vinegar, the contents of the egg are eaten whole, wings and beak included. 


4. Casu Marzu:

Imagine that you cut your cheese slice in half and maggots fall off it? We are sure you'll shout out loud all scared and throw it away. But Sardinian folks eat it all, with live larvae. Made from sheep milk, Casu Marzu is usually spread on flatbreads. According to foodies, it should be eaten while the maggots are still alive and thus it is often kept outside refrigerators. For all those who would like to hear some benefits, it has less fat due to the maggots and is considered an aphrodisiac. 


If you have any more creepy (more like yucky) cuisines and foods in mind, do share with us in the comment section. Also, if any of you has ever tried any of these or plans to, Gabruu.com applauds you for your daring outlook for life. Bon appetit!!