Initially we thought it was not believable, and seemed like some rumoured news or hyped up news about the Ronaldo leaving Madrid. But little did we know that the legendary footballer had actually decided to shift to Juventus after playing 9 years for Real Madrid.

In a letter issued by Ronaldo, he thanked his club, fans and the city and expressed his gratitude nd love for everyone who has been there for him and with him. He expresses his happiness and love for the city where he has spent the most amazing years of his life.

According to the sources, the player shifted to Juventus because he felt that it was time for him to start a new chapter in his life. He was quoted saying, “I believe that the time has come to open a new stage in my life and I have reflected a lot and I know that the time has come for a new cycle.”

There are many reasons which are being speculated upon the transfer of Ronaldo. One of the reaons is that the club had promised to increase the pay of Ronaldo after 2016-2017 season, but this promise was never fulfilled by the club authorities. Another reason is that the managers of the club did not support him publically or privately during his tax fraud case. And the third and the major reason is that he was not getting the love and appreciation from the club that he deserved.

After Ronaldo’s exit from the club, now the managers and the authorities of the club are on the look for a player who would be the most suitable replacement for Real Madrid. The only two choices that are appearing in front of the managers are Neymar or MbappĂ©. But the question now arises if these players would leave their present clubs- Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain respectively.

Well, whatever the real reason is for Ronaldo leaving the club, all the Madrid fans have a broken heart right now because this is something that none of the fans anywhere around the world were expecting.

But all we can pray for is that Ronaldo adjusts in his new club easily and gain the respect and love he got from Madrid.


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