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Deep Jandu & Karan Aujla come together to create a 'Scene'?

By Kirti Pathak . 23rd September 2019 03:00pm

In the Punjabi industry, talent is required but at the same time, to showcase your talent, one needs to put a lot of hard work as well. Two artists who manage to bring something fresh and interesting are none other than the duo of Deep Jandu and Karan Aujla.

Both have collaborated many times and presented us with hit numbers like No Need, Rim Vs Jhanjar, Don’t Worry, Don’t Look’, ‘Hisaab’, ‘Hair’, ‘Gunday’, ‘Na Na Na’ and ‘Koi Chakkar Ni’ among others.

A while ago, Karan Aujla released the audio of his song, ‘Late Night’ which received a positive response from the audience and recently, he released the video of this song as well. The song’s video impressed the fans as much as the audio did. Karan Aujla sang and wrote the song himself while Rupan Bal and Rubbal Gtr took over the direction for the video.

It was Karan Aujla’s last track whereas Deep Jandu gave music to the song, ‘Level High’ featuring G Ranjha. The song was presented by Opinder Dhaliwal and Royal Music Gang and now, Deep Jandu and Karan Aujla are coming together once again for their new song titled ‘Scene’. Here, have a look at the poster:

In the poster, apart from these two, we can see Jay Track, who will add the musical beats to the song. 6irds and Shiv J will be seen doing a rap in this song with Shiv J. Meanwhile, Karan Aujla and Deep Jandu will be lending their voice for the song. The video is done by Minister Music and it will be released on 25th September.

The big gang is all set to enthrall the audience with ‘Scene’ and how excited you are for this song, write to us in the comment section. For more such interesting updates follow Gabruu.com.

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