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Delhi resident arrested for impersonating Gunbir Singh Sidhu

By Geetika Raleh . 9th September 2019 02:00pm
Delhi resident arrested for impersonating Gunbir Singh Sidhu

Internet these days has reached far and wide into the world. People everywhere are using it for the good, but there are also certain elements in the society who are misusing it for their own selfish and bad deeds.

Recently, there was a complaint filed against a Delhi based resident who was misusing the name of ace producer of the Punjabi entertainment industry. And the producer who has the complaint is Gunbir Singh Sidhu, the owner of White Hill Music and White Hill Studios.

Gunbir Singh Sidhu has filed the complaint against a person named Obed Afridi, who mislead the girls in the name of Gunbir Singh Sidhu. Obed used to talk as Gunbir Singh Sidhu to the girls and ask them for their pictures. Later he misused the photos of the girls and blackmailed them.

With such chaos, this news reached the ears of Gunbir Singh Sidhu, who eventually filed a complaint against Obed.

In his complaint, he said β€œTo The Superintendent of Police SAS Nagar Mohali Subject Complaint against forged identity Dear Sir, I am writing this to bring to your notice the misuse of my name through different phone numbers. It has come to my knowledge that my identity is being used to call up girls from different phone numbers and harass/exploit them by using my name. I am leading film producer of the Punjabi film industry and the owner of White Hill Studios and White Hill Music banner of Punjab. Further, this is to request you that my name is being misused to mislead some girls and I am unaware of the extent of damage that has already been done to my name and how far this will go if strict action is not taken. The following numbers have to come to my knowledge from which messages and calls have been made to different girls using WhatsApp 8171711016, 9625688293- owner Obed Afridi s/o Mohd Sadia Afridi r/o #1 West Sant Nagar, Delhi. Please see to this matter on a priority basis. I would request you to raise an urgent complaint and make sure that the culprits are brought to justice immediately. Thanking you in advance of your support. SD Gunbir Singh Sidhu.”

The Punjab Police took immediate action on this matter, and has been able to arrest the culprit Obed Afridi under sections 419, 420 of IPC and 66c and 66D of the IT Act.